Emily S., Rock Point School

Kayla is a responsible and creative professional.  She’s full of her own good ideas and also works well within an organization’s established contexts for marketing and design.  She is great on follow-through and communication. We have benefitted from Kayla’s work with print media and newsletters.

Stephen M., Champlain College

I highly value her attention to detail, her enthusiasm for the day-to-day work, the ideas and the team-spirit she brings to her work as part of a team.  Any business or organization that has the opportunity to work with her will not be disappointed, and most likely delighted.

Rob W., Champlain College, 2VR.org

I can say without reservation that Kayla Hedman is one of the most responsible, mature, tenacious, affable, and all-around remarkable students with whom I have worked in my more than 20 years of teaching. In addition to teaching her in a number of Champlain College classes, I have traveled to China and Jordan with her on two different faculty-led travel trips. Her grace, poise, and openness to other peoples and other cultures and new ways of thinking is inspirational. Plus, she is one of the best writers and multimedia marketing jockeys I've seen. She had my highest recommendation! Hire her. Hurry.

David M., Fitness Options

Kayla has been a wonderful asset to Fitness Options Personal Training Studio. Her gift for creative design coupled with acute attention to detail and follow through has made a big impact on growing our business. Add to that Kayla's love of fitness, both participating and teaching, makes her a perfect 'fit' for us.

Shaun O., Catamount Physical Therapy

Our experience with Kayla has been exceptional. She responds very quickly to our needs and goes above and beyond to help.  Her suggestions are cost-effective and have resulted in us growing our business.  With Kayla you get great attention to detail and a high quality of work. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Kyle D., Chittenden County YMCA, Previously Champlain College

Kayla's enthusiasm is infectious and she brings incredible positive energy to bear when she is part of a team effort. I highly recommend her.

Lauren L.

Kayla’s keen artistic view helped direct the overall brand of Fiddlehead. Her persistent vision was present throughout the semester. Kayla conducted her work in an exceptionally organized fashion. She carried out her responsibilities proficiently as a team, and independently. Kayla’s attention to detail and ingenuity made her a great asset to the branding of Fiddlehead Brewery.

Alicia M., HammerFit

I would highly recommend Kayla Hedman for any of your creative and digital marketing needs.  Even though Kayla has moved out of our area, we are lucky enough to still have Kayla working on projects for us.  Her production time is very fast and the quality of her work is outstanding.  She requires very little input from us, however responds to requests for edits and changes professionally and promptly.

Cinse B., Champlain College

Kayla's three most positive attributes professionally are: 1) her high level of enthusiasm for any undertaking she’s assigned; 2) a willingness to work diligently; and 3) the intelligence to ‘see’ what’s needed and to make it happen in a professional manner. Kayla carries these characteristics with her to every venue or context. She’s a triple threat – hard work, passion, and the smarts to back them up.

Tom M., Champlain College

Kayla did a wonderful job at documenting our travels and company visits through photos and text. She was a pleasure to work with and upheld a very mature and professional demeanor.

Doris A., A Place for Everything

Kayla is extremely talented as a digital and creative marketer. I met Kayla last year through our association with Fitness Options Personal Training Studio in South Burlington, VT. She did an excellent job designing a unique logo and helping with revisions to the current webpage. If you are a new or established business owner looking to create or refresh your business image, you will not be disappointed with Kayla's professionalism and creative talents!

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